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Welcome to the green spirit community

Have you ever looked upon nature in awe?

Have you ever experienced a situation in nature when you suddenly and involuntarily had emotions of a startling intensity which you did not fully understand? Do you feel pain when you witness the destruction of nature? Have you ever felt a sudden burst of intense happiness and joy in connection with it, a feeling of oneness? Here are two examples:

“Suddenly a feeling of complete happiness enveloped me. There didn´t seem to be a separation anymore between me and the gently swaying grass..." DOLORES LACHAPELLE

“As I open my eyes, the peace and serenity of this wilderness settles around me like a comforting soft woollen cloak – I am home.” BILL PLOTKIN

We call these events spiritual encounters because the source of those sudden emotions is invisible. We call it a “Spirit” encounter and draw our values and ethics from these encounters. We believe in a new set of values with the protection of nature as the basis of all life at its centre.

We desperately need a new economic model that takes the boundaries of our planet into account. Currently we need more of everything every year, because banks create money via debt. This is the opposite of sustainability. We also need a new ethical model in which both people and nature have constitutional rights. A concept that promotes a true partnership with nature and takes sustainability into account at all levels: in legislation, jurisdiction and administration. We are extremely concerned about climate destabilisation and the mass extinction of species. There are far too many of us on this tiny planet. We need an immediate birth strike! In true democracies, politicians follow the decisions of the electorate. They cannot lead their electorate in unwanted directions without losing their vote. So it is up to us to initiate the change. We are the generation(s) that have it in our hands. But we are running out of time.

We want to preserve our beautiful home, Planet Earth, for our children and future generations of all living beings. For all we know, there's only one garden planet in the known universe. Let us preserve its unique beauty.




The Green Spirit is an umbrella organization for people who have experienced the sacred in nature. It is a charity.

Join the circle

The roots of the word "religion" lie in the Latin word "ligare".

Ligare means to connect.
Re-ligare means to re-connect.
Let us reconnect with nature.

Let us create a new power, a new re-ligio!

Help us create the change.

Here is our agenda:

  • to protect space for nature; to save this planet's natural beauty, biodiversity and wild places
    (video by ZLS London)
  • to protect wild places for re-ligio-us reasons; to protect wild places to experience the connection with the Spirit and the joy and peace that comes with it 
  • to stop the major changes in climate that are currently already happening; to keep the current sea level and to save this planet ‘s life support system  – the atmosphere – in its current condition with mostly tolerable wind speeds and no further rise in flooding, droughts, blizzards and melting icecaps.
  • to achieve a lifestyle and a planetary population so that we and our children can live in harmony and abundance within the boundaries of the planet's resources



Our future and the future of our children will be decided in the
field of economics

Economic assumptions drive the choices of voters and the decisions of politicians. The global market does not reward the environ­mental benefits of a given product. If two products are equal in quality the market will always favour the product with the best price. But products which are manufactured without any concern for the environment or any protection of the people creating the product will always have a better price than those of companies which spent money on environmental protection and social benefits. In a global economy, the dirtiest company always wins.

Only international organizations with a strong regulatory body to protect the people and the environment can provide an acceptable and stable framework for markets. Unfortunately, our current oversim­pli­fied economic models have created a doomsday machine of limitless growth and consumerism. Valuable resources are turned into waste and discarded at an astonishing rate. Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth points the way forward to a new model of economics for the 21st century. Citizen Assemblies point the way towards a new political model (see:





Our World is threatened by climate change and the
mass extinction of species

Our current ecological footprint is far too large. We must drastically reduce it if we don´t want to trample the garden we have inherited. As far as we know, there is only one garden planet in the known universe. Let us preserve its unique beauty and its sacred places.

Today we are scattered across political parties and diffuse in in our efforts to make the right ecological consumer choices. No one can survey the entire spectrum of sustainable goods and services and every day most of us make compromises. An alternative path in business and politics is possible if we share what we know and direct our business en masse towards better solutions.

We will only succeed in pushing for the necessary changes if we come together and join forces. We have to become visible.

But how can we become visible and join forces if we cannot recognize each other? Therefore, we need a symbol.

For this purpose we chose a green circle. A circle/cycle is a fundamental principle in nature. The circle surrounds the invisible, the Spirit. The Green Spirit Circle of people unites the hearts of those who love nature. Join the circle to save that which we love.

A maple leaf
drifts to the ground
lands on tarmac.
I can hear it knocking
on Mother Earth’s door

“Hello! – I´m back home!”

- Deborah W. A. Foulkes