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Many people bond with trees
or other plants

A well known example is that of Julia Butterfly Hill protecting an ancient redwood tree called Luna in a dramatic attempt to prevent the clear cutting of the redwood forest.

It has also resulted in laws to protect specific trees in
specific locations all around the world. Some trees are
or were considered sacred.

No Western government would dream of giving spiritual
reasons for tree protection

Therefore, they highlight the benefits of trees like:

  • they reduce summertime temperatures in urban areas by evaporation
  • they reduce energy needs and costs, for cooling in urban areas
  • they reduce peak storm water flows
  • they remove air pollutants
  • they slow and calm traffic

Nevertheless, almost all government officials at a local level know of the emotional fallout that occurs when prominent trees or alleys are felled.

  • Here is the poem “Binsey Poplars, Felled 1879” by Gerard Manley Hopkins: 
  • At the time of writing, the city of Sheffield in the UK is currently in uproar about the nefarious tree-felling practices of the City Council: 
  • In Poland a new law has removed the obligation for private land owners to seek permission for felling trees in 2017. This has led to a massive tree-felling spree all over the country. In “The Guardian” it is called a massacre. »
  • In Rügen, Germany, local people have painted hearts and death crosses on 73 old trees of an alley to be felled because of the widening of the B 96. 
  • Some people base their whole business on the non-felling of trees like Topher White, who founded his company Rainforest Connection in 2012. The company recycles old mobile phones to create protective devices for rainforest areas in Sumatra:

In other parts of the world there are green-spirited people planting trees. Jadav Payeng even planted a 1360 acre jungle (5.5 km2) on the shores of the river Brahmaputra all by himself: In 2015, he was honoured with Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in India for his accomplishment.