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Everything is Connected

All my Relations

Be a voice for the voiceless.

Animal Nation

Animals are sentient beings. Many people choose to live with animals and many consider them to be family members. Some even befriend wild animals. In Western culture it is a taboo to love an individual animal as much as a human being. Still many people feel this way. They realize that we are members of the same larger family and that empathy on both sides can bridge the communication gap.

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Become a voice for the voiceless

Plant Nation

Without plants we would not survive more than a few
minutes. There would be no oxygen. They also provide
us with food, with medicine and with beauty.
Some say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but
very few people would consider flowers to be anything
less than beautiful.
To quote Gordon MacLellan: "I live in a world where
everything is alive and everything has the quality that
we would call "spirit". This means that all things have
the potential to communicate. And this awareness ...
teaches me to listen."

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Everything is Connected

We, the Green Spirited people believe that everything is connected, in a scientific way as well as in a spiritual way. One does not deny the other. We have collected some links that support our point of view.

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