Other Spiritual Experiences - green spirit

Other Spiritual Experiences

Green Spirit encounters are not the only spiritual experiences you can have. Below is a very short list of some of many other phenomena. From this list it is evident that there is obviously more to this world than meets the eye. A whole dimension that many people, especially in the so called Western World, have lost.

Examples of other
scientifically unexplainable phenomena:


Connection to a source of great inner power or energy. You can learn to experience this and to control its flow through certain movements and practices (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu etc.).

Shamanic Journeys: 

Lucid dreaming evoked by drumming, rattling, shaking or certain body postures. For further information see for example Felicitas
Goodman: » www.felicitas-goodman-institut.de
Christiane Tutschner: » www.christiane-tutschner-institut.de
Sandra Ingermann: » www.sandraingerman.com


A satori is described as a more or less short glimpse of enlightenment. Many ordinary people have one or two glimpses of satori in their lifetime. It can be, for example, an intense, almost overwhelming feeling of love and sympathy for all of humanity.

Samadhi / Enlightenment:

Buddhist monks try to reach that state of mind.


Certain practices of Kundalini Yoga, rebirthing and others can lead to an altered state of being through certain breathing practices.


To see oneself from the outside usually from above. Phenomenon associated with intense trauma.

The light at the end of the tunnel:

Near death experience.

Energy Cone:

Sufi whirling can lead to a phenomenon of a huge moving energy cone that you have to balance on your head and that you can somehow "see", although not with your eyes. This practice rejuvenates mind and body to an incredible extent.


Certain practices of biodynamics according to Gerda Boysen can lead to a “shape-shifting experience”, for example becoming a lion or a coyote (but - of course - not from the outside, only from the inside). For more information on biodynamics see: » www.biodynamic.org/gerda-boyesen


(Especially between lovers, friends or family members.) Very strange and statistically unlikely coincidences like phoning at the very same second after two months or even one year of separation.