The Green Circle - green spirit

The Green Circle

Although we Green-Spirited people are scattered all over the world, we can connect, meet and unite by using a joint symbol. If we can recognize each other we can create a mass movement, an avalanche of political change.

If we stay secret

we don´t see each other.
If we stay secret, we think we are alone.
If we stay secret, we have no political weight.
If we stay secret we cannot direct our preferences – neither political nor economic.

If we were two million, 20 million, 200 million people who say: “I know the Green Spirit,” we would no longer be considered esoteric, irrational or ‘strange’. Who knows? Perhaps we would even be in the majority.

To create an avalanche of change we need to come out. Like with an avalanche, a snowball has to start rolling. We're like little snowflakes that need to connect to one another.
Therefore we need a symbol to recognize each other.
We need something universal as a symbol.
Something that is everywhere.
Something that is simple, neither flashy nor complicated.

As a symbol, we have chosen a green circle that
surrounds the invisible.

Here are our reasons:

  • The circle is a fundamental principle in nature. The carbon/oxygen cycle links all breathing creatures on this planet, the plants, the animals and the fungi.
  • Nature recycles all its matter.
  • The water cycle provides all springs with water and enables the plants to grow through rainfall. It sustains all life.
  • The cycle of the seasons repeats itself every day; morning, noon and night is a cycle.
  • Our planet is round, the stars are round.
  • Even most living beeings are round at their very beginning as an egg cell. 
  • Furthermore, a circle stands for council and joint decision-making.
  • A circle stands for community.
  • A circle stands for equality and parity in all directions.
  • On a technical level, a circle stands for recycling, an important step towards imitating Mother Nature.
  • A circle stands for the sun – solar power and renewable energy.
  • A circle stands for wholeness.
  • Finally, a circle (usually golden) stands for sacredness and enlightenment.