Inspiring Examples

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Inspiring Examples

Greta Thunberg

16 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg sparked the worldwide "Fridays for Future" movement with her school strike in Stockholm 2018. She has been a prominent speaker of uncomfortable truths in many important organizations (see below):  

Greta Thunbergs speech "Our House is on Fire" at the World Economic Forum in Davos January 2019:

Greta Thunbergs speech at the EU Parliament in Strasbourg 2019:

Greta Thunbergs speech at the UN Climate Change COP24 Conference in Katowice December 2018:

Greta Thunbergs speech to UK Parliament:


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Author: Anders Hellberg - Eigenes Werk



Inspiring Example

Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim

Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim is the oldest living member of the Federated Tribes of Siletz who have been living in Southern Oregon for over 20,000 years. She travels to a lot of different countries being a “voice for the voiceless.” All things created need a voice, the water, the trees, the animals. She has been called to pray for the Bengal tigers, for wolves, for salmon, for the Ganges River in India. She prayed for the return of the condors to Oregon. Grandmother Agnes is also the spokesperson for the organization called The 13 Grandmothers.

She sais: "Prayer is needed throughout the World. It is time we step forward and join prayers with people around the globe. We can join together no matter what our religious or spiritual beliefs are. We can join together and fight to save our Earth Mother and salvage our own existence. It is time to take action now if we want to help. We need not for one moment, limit ourselves about what we can do. We are all in this “leaky canoe” together so we need to be a united force to be reckoned with and we will keep on keeping on until our “hearts are on the ground.”
Bless you. Walk in beauty."

Inspiring Examples


WindEagle leads the Ehama Institute in New Mexico which is dedicated to the vision of peace and harmony on our Mother Planet for all beings, to the vision of our human family as an unbroken hoop and to a vision of council, a way of deep wisdom, opening pathways for the future. This Green Spirit Circle webpage is a result of the authors taking part in one of the ceremonies and vision exercises led by WindEagle in 2014. The Ehama Institute spreads methods of personal development, methods to reach inner peace and methods of council that are most important to mending our broken relationships with each other and with Mother Earth.

The photo is shown with her permission.