Who we are

We are people of different cultural backgrounds with a scientific world view. We acknowledge for example the facts of evolution, astronomy and climate change. We share an emotional and spiritual relationship with "Mother Nature". A scientific worldview and spiritual experiences are not incompatible with each other. You can have both.

Do you sometimes stand on the beach and look at the horizon, listen to the waves and feel this deep, intense connection with the water and its creatures and the world? You’re out there on the beach and there are all these people around you and you ask yourself, “Is it only me who feels this? Am I alone in feeling this yearning in my heart?”

If you feel these things,
then the Green Spirit Circle is for you.

A place to interweave the fragile thread of your life with all the others who feel the same way. That we may find strength with each other, in order to preserve and protect those places where the spirit of nature can still be felt.

In order to weave a new future in the face of the potential catastrophe that threatens us due to the greed and the insensitivity of the structures and institutions of our current civilization.

Join us so that the quiet voices can be heard. So we can hear the green spirit of nature speaking to us, like in this poem, where the ocean is trying desperately to communicate with the swimmer and with the poet.  

death of a tourist

the sea is trying to pronounce
the same word
over and over again
bending its tongue
against the roof of the
there's something we need
to know
salt breaks in despair
over the pebbles
foaming and slithering
in a thousand
there's something we         havetoknow
— try again
lisping and rattling wearily
trying to pronounce
trying to get it out
we have to know
all together now
one last heave........ 

......one by two
the tourists leave
desperate gurgling in faint
of sand
we have to know

one old man
not waving
hey you
there's — 

grasping gratefully
he must listen
to the green sound of salt
keening in the wounds of
the earth
he has to know
to what
to what
a curling wall
muscling its molecules
is trying to say
a rush
of words
into the lungs
— this!
— this!
and the eyes close
and the shells close
folding their worlds
into themselves






the satin heave
bending her back
against the shore
sssplayed and wanton
frills dissolving

a spattering of ozone
perfuming the neck of land
she wants to be torn
and dragged
to the edge
helpless and sickering
the limpid lust of day
quivering       to an end
is it this
is it this
the wreathed breast
the  matt     oval    surfaces
black     on  black
endless insinuations
surging tiredly
crushing   and   drawing
apart                 crushing
and    drawing
a   part
of me
knows   almost
knows   almost
what                                 something
we have
to know
trying                                to pronounce
we have                             to know
heavy and dark
and spilling over at the edges
tight             with light

pro    nounce 



have to
have to
have     to


Deborah W.A. Foulkes, 3.11.96, Puerto Naos, La Palma