Evolution - green spirit




We acknowledge evolution.

For some unknown reason, the universe developed from mere physical phenomena and chemical reactions towards – at least on this planet – biochemical reactions, then life, biology, emotions, brain, consciousness and – lately – technology and artificial “nervous systems”. The evolution of a complex brain even started several times and in vastly different organism groups like octopus, dolphin and ape.
Currently, we are evolution’s most potent outcome, although not irreplaceable. We have broken free of the restraints of instinct and emotion that keep most of our animal relatives on a safe track within natural cycles. 

Because of this, and as we move further and further away from the constraints of our own physical evolution, we have the greatest responsibility to act wisely on a local and planetary level.

For those who struggle with the idea of biological evolution:

look at all the different races of dogs from tiny MinPins to Great Danes, all bred from only one species, the wolf, by a bit of selection, steered by humans in the very short time span of a few thousand years. The same selection takes place in nature over the millennia by means of harsh winters in the north, scarce water resources in the south or any other imaginable form of evolutionary pressure and selection.