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Save Water

Minimize your water usage and wastewater generation. Install a water meter. Install water saving devices. Make sure that your wastewater is properly cleaned up. Make sure that no runoff from your yard contaminates the next brook or river or groundwater. Storm drains in the road may not lead to a wastewater treatment plant but may be only rainwater sewers and may lead to the next river. Do not put wastewater into them. Use biodegradable cleaning products. Don´t throw toxic stuff or left-over pills into the toilet. Many medical products are not biodegradable. They need to go to incineration. 

Ask your water provider about their water leakage.

For example, in 2003 Thames Water, a private water company, lost 28% of the water it put into its supplies, i.e. almost one third of the total water, due to broken pipes and lack of investment in the maintenance of the infrastructure. In Germany, which has mainly publicly owned drinking water suppliers, a normal leakage rate of drinking water mains is considered to lie between 4% and 6%. In the UK, Ofwat sets the leakage targets for the private water companies.