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Reduce Your Meat and Dairy Intake

Try Vegetarian or Vegan 

Go vegetarian or even vegan since this will greatly reduce carbon emissions and also reduce animal suffering due to mass farming methods. If you are suffering from gluten or fructose intolerance or certain medical conditions, go as far as you can.  

Today we are able to grow and buy protein-rich plants and plants rich in carbohydrates. Compassion for our animal brothers and sisters as well as concern for the climate should lead our decisions on what to eat. 

Climate effects

By going as much vegan or vegetarian as you can, you can lighten the food production burden of the planet by a factor of 10. Instead of feeding soy and corn to chicken and cattle and pigs, which results in 90% of the biomass being converted into heat and loads of problematic methane, carbon dioxide and manure, leaving only 10% of the original biomass to put on the market – eat the soy and corn yourself and receive 100% of the original biomass to feed you with the same amount of farming. Our growing numbers make this point more and more important. 


Chimpanzees spend 45% of their day eating. If you try to live on green leaves alone, you will find that you will need an equally large amount of time to get enough energy. Our ancestors survived through hunting. Their clothes, their tools, their weapons, even their homes were often made out of animal parts. Before the invention of agriculture, the “Sacred Hunt” provided them with much needed energy.  Today, however, there are far too many of us to live by the Sacred Hunt. In addition, hunting is responsible for the local or total extinction of many species, for example the German beaver or the British boar, the passenger pigeon, the dodo or the moa. Many species are under threat like the elephants, giraffes, rhinoceros, whales, dolphins, tigers or even sharks. The Sacred Hunt is for example acceptable with indigenous tribes who have hunted sustainably over thousands of years or in regions where deer and boar or other populations explode due to missing natural predators or other human disruptions of natural cycles. Hunting for trophies and for fun or as a “sport” is completely unacceptable to us. So, if you are a hunter hunting for food or clothing on an overpopulation of game animals, if your attitudes towards your prey are those of respect and gratitude and your shooting abilities are top notch this is okay. If you are hunting just to feed your ego or as a recreational activity you do not belong here.

Hunting fox and other predator animals in a man-made attempt to “control populations” is wrong. Fox populations control themselves perfectly without any hunting as you can see in every larger town. Every person that has had to deal with invasive neozoa or neophyta knows that man-made population control of a real overpopulation is a fantasy whereas the total loss of species due to overhunting is a sad reality.

Animal Suffering

Millions of animals live a horrible and short life and experience an equally horrible end in a slaughterhouse due to “modern agricultural mass production methods”. Inform yourself if you dare and stop buying their meat. Read Jonathan Safran Foer´s book Eating Animals:

 Never buy cheap meat. Don´t shop for meat at discount supermarkets, which will sell you mass-produced meat of bad quality and with an extra high pollution index. Cheap meat means animals crammed into small spaces with cheap food and loads of chemicals to keep them alive long enough. Don´t go there. Don´t buy cheap takeaway meat products. They are made from cheap meat (see above).

Dietary Advice

For information about protein on a vegan diet have a look at Vegan Smyth´s song “Where do I get my protein?”

Replace dairy products with good quality vegan products.


Milk can be substituted with Oat Drink, Soy Drink, Almond Drink, Cashew Drink or Rice Drink. It tastes different but fortunately taste adapts very quickly to changes. Good organic products are Lima soy drink and Natumi oat drink.



Butter can be substituted – for example - with Alsan margarine or Albaöl (rapeseed oil with a great taste of butter)


Substitute quark or yoghurt for dessert with silken tofu, mixing it with berries etc..


Eggs should always come from organic sources and should be free range on top of that. Better have a look at your provider yourself. Find out what happens to the male chicks after hatching. Are they shredded alive? (Youtube this if you dare.) The vegan kitchen provides five to ten egg substitutes for different occasions. You will get good results with Ener-G Egg Replacer or “Eiersatzpulver” adding curcuma for colour and a bit of Kala Namak salt for typical taste.