Reduce Consumerism - green spirit

Reduce Consumerism

Minimize your “I want to have that!”

Be it       
  • clothes
  • furniture
  • electronics, DVDs, CDs
  • jewellery etc. 

Stream it.

Buy second-hand. 
Go to eBay. Or use Craigslist

(or something similar).


If you don´t need it anymore, give it away or sell it on eBay. Don´t just throw it away. Minimize your rubbish at the same time. Always sort your rubbish. Use biodegradable products.


In 2016, 100 billion pieces of clothing were produced for 7 billion people. The global distribution is highly unequal. For example, Germans on average bought 60 (!) pieces of clothing last year (German Greenpeace magazine 01/2017, p. 7). The other Western countries are not much better. 

So: Buy second hand. Buy less.

Buy good quality (organic cotton). Every piece of cheap clothing comes with an extra-large load of water pollution.