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Heat Your Home Sustainably

Heating accounts for 40% to 50% of your CO2 output. This is not as easy to change to a renewable source as your electricity is. If you rent your house or flat there is a limit to what you can do: reduce the indoor temperature, use an electric heater at the start and end of the heating period (if you have switched to renewable electricity already) and eliminate any draughts under the door or at the windows.

If you own your house or flat you can do much more:

Insulate your walls, your windows, your roof, your cellar. Buy a new heating system based on wood. If you build a new house, go geothermal. Support your heating system with solar panels for warm water generation. Meanwhile, you can even get renewable gas (for example from Greenpeace Energy) created by electrolysis with the help of renewable energy (wind/solar).

"Power-to-Gas" process: Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis with power from wind turbines. The oxygen is released and the hydrogen is converted into natural gas and water by combining it with carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (!) thereby creating a perfect circle. The gas is called "wind gas" and can be transported and used by existing distribution networks and existing heating systems without any adaptation.