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Campaign for a Law for
Mother Earth

Fight for a law in your country similar to the law in Bolivia called “The Law of Mother Earth” ("Ley de Derechos de La Madre Tierra") or the constitutional law in Ecuador "The Rights of Nature". The Bolivian law sees the land as sacred and regards it as a living system with rights to be protected from exploitation. The law creates 11 distinct rights for the environment. It was passed by Bolivia's Plurinational Legislative Assembly in 2010.

The constitution of Ecuador states in Article 71 that "Nature, or Pachamama, where life is reproduced and occurs, has the right to integral respect for its existence and for the maintenance and regeneration of its life cycles, structure, functions and evolutionary processes. All persons, communities, peoples and nations can call upon public authorities to enforce the rights of nature. To enforce and interpret these rights, the principles set forth in the Constitution shall be observed, as appropriate. The State shall give incentives to natural persons and legal entities and to communities to protect nature and to promote respect for all the elements comprising an ecosystem."



In accordance with the philosophy of Pachamama, it states:

"She is sacred, fertile and the source of life that feeds and cares for all living beings in her womb. She is in permanent balance, harmony and communication with the cosmos. She is comprised of all ecosystems and living beings, and their self-organisation." 

"Earth is the mother of all,"

said Vice-President Alvaro García Linera.

It establishes a new relationship between humanity and nature, the harmony of which must be preserved as a guarantee of its regeneration.” The law enumerates seven specific rights to which Mother Earth and her constituent life systems, including human communities, are entitled to.

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